This is really the first story that I ever wrote. I wrote this when I was very young, and it’s basically about machines turning evil. I tried not to edit it too much, so please forgive any grammatical errors. Enjoy!

                       Robot Revolt, The Rise of the Doom Bot

By Greg Scott

 Chapter 1

“A ball rolled to a stop at my feet. I picked it up and examined it. Then a clown jumped out of the bushes flinging pies at me. I ran and as I turned the corner I heard him shout. I could just make out the words ‘THAT’S MY NOSE!’ and he was out of sight. I kept running, licking whipped cream off my face. There was a ‘toot! toot!’ from behind me. I turned around. There was a purple polka dotted car zooming towards me. I jumped sideways as the car screeched to a halt. The ball bounced out of my hand. The clown jumped out of the car and grabbed it, jammed it onto his face, and drove away. So that’s why I was late.” he explained. 

Jimmy’s teacher stared at him. “Sit down,” she ordered. He slouched back to his seat. 

“Why do you do it?” asked Tom through a mouthful of cake. 

It was lunch period and Jimmy had just gotten back from the principal’s office.

“Make up these stories? You know they just get you in trouble.” 

“Yeah,” Jimmy agreed “but when I try to apologize it just kinda slips out.” 

“Yeah, right. I know you better than that. I’m not stupid.” 

“I know you’re not. I guess I just like making things up,” Jimmy said. “Even though it gets me in trouble.” 

He came home on the late bus his hand sore from writing “I will not tell lies, I will not tell lies.” one hundred times. He walked into his house and up the stairs.  His mom threw him a disapproving look as he passed but didn’t say anything. He entered his room and flopped onto his bed and lay there staring up at the ceiling. He must have dozed off because was awakened by music. He sat up in bed and looked around his phone was ringing. He picked it up off his bedside table and tapped the screen. 

It was his friend Peter “Can you come over? There’s something I have to show you.”

Chapter 2

He pulled his bike to a stop in front of Peter’s house. Kate’s and Tom’s bikes were already lying on the driveway. He pulled his helmet off, laid it on the grass, walked inside, and went down the basement stairs. He turned the corner into his Peter’s workshop and joined his friends around the large wooden table in the middle of the room.

 “Hello” Peter said “You’re just in time. I’m almost done.” He was bending over a big one eyed robot with a big vacuum on the front and mops for arms. “The programing on the central computer mechanism is almost complete.”

 “What!?” Jimmy said confused.

 “That’s exactly what we said when he told us that” Kate said.                  

“There,” Peter said backing away “All done.” He grabbed a remote of the table “Behold! he said pointing the remote at the robot “The Flooranaitor 3000 2.0!”

 Now let’s stop for a second and explain a few things. Peter was trying to make a modification to his robot not…well, do this. I’m giving away enough saying this, but Peter is a smart person with good intentions not…Back to the story. 

There was a bright flash and the robot jerked. They stood there the robot didn’t move again. Peter sighed “Guess it’s back to the…” but he was interrupted by the robot lifting its head. “Ah” Peter said pointing the remote at the Flooranaitor as it went towards a carpet cleaning robot in the corner. He clicked the remote, it kept moving. He tapped the button again, it kept moving. Bending down, the Floorinator touched the carpet robot. They all stared as the Flooranaitor 3000 stood up. The carpet robot was twitching as though in pain, streams of random numbers flashed across its screen, and it started beeping. Then without warning it charged, its wheels squeaking on the hardwood floor. Jimmy grabbed a metal pole leaning against the wall and swung. There was a crash and there was a broken pile of cleaning robot parts on the floor.

They looked at Peter “How could,” he muttered “Unless,” he suddenly looked terrified. “We have to get out out of here now!” 

  They dashed out of the house, Peter still looking terrified, Kate, Tom and Jimmy looking confused. “Get onto your bikes we need to get out of here!” He called his mom then clambered onto his bike and they rode off. 

“Where are we going? Jimmy asked, “And why?” 

“To the abandoned junkyard across town,” Peter answered. “I’ll explain why when we get there.” 

But then there was a clattering behind them. They looked back and there were all the robots in Peter’s house (and he had a lot) racing after them! They all picked up speed considerably. They screeched to a halt in front of the junkyard and dragged their bikes through the half open gate. They laid their bikes down and slammed the gate shut, locking it with a quiet snap. 

They dropped their bikes and kept running. There was a crash as the robots hit the fence. They turned and ran into a small gap in between two piles of tires. They sat down panting. “Ok now tell us why we’re here,” Jimmy demanded. 

Peter was gasping for air but he answered.”Computer virus. One of the worst.” Peter sputtered. 

“But I thought computer viruses weren’t a problem anymore.” Kate said.

 “This one is.” Peter said. “Computer viruses usually stay in one system and don’t spread, but this one is somehow transmitted through touch.” Jimmy started to say something but he was interrupted by a horrendous grinding noise from the direction of the gate.

“Don’t say it!” Tom begged

 “I built a chainsaw robot” Peter sighed.

 Kate, Tom, and Jimmy groaned in unison “He said it.”

       They were up In a flash dashing into the piles of junk, the robots zooming along behind them. They kept running until they turned a corner and almost ran into a fence. Tom turned around and ran into a large two legged robot with a chainsaw. He ran back to the fence and started shaking. 

Jimmy picked up a metal bar and a large shield like piece of metal . The robot swung its chainsaw down. Jimmy raised his shield and the chainsaw sliced cleanly through it. He dropped the broken hunk of metal and swung the metal bar. The robot reached up and blocked it. The robot reached down and grabbed his arm bringing the chainsaw up preparing to strike. Jimmy reached into the pile next to him. His arm was being strained until he was sure it was going to break. Just when his arm was about to slip he found it. Just as the robot was swinging the saw down he pulled his hand out and swung the metal spike into the robot’s face. It toppled into a pile of broken car doors. 

“Come on!” Jimmy said “He won’t be down for long.” 

They ran through the piles of junk until they ran into something. They stumbled back and looked up. The wrecking crane bot swung around. The metal ball swung at them and they jumped sideways and charged backwards into the chest of the damaged chainsaw robot.  They stumbled back again between the two robots.

  “I have an idea” Tom muttered “When I say go, duck.” The chainsaw bot walked forward and the wrecking ball swung. 

“Go!” Tom yelled and they fell on the ground. 

The wrecking ball sped over them and hit the chainsaw bot with a loud crunch. The robot flew into a pile of metal which toppled onto the wrecking bot. Unable to see, the robot propelled its wrecking ball into itself ripping through its small head with a loud crash. The broken hunk of metal toppled into a ditch behind it and exploded. They charged towards the gate to the junkyard only to be met by a terrible sight.

Chapter 3

There was an army of robots with weapons. They were not shards of metal or wood, these were cannon-like cylinders welded onto their arms. They stood there staring at the robots for what seemed like hours. There wasn’t a sound. Then the silence was suddenly broken as one of the cannons fired, burning a hole in a junk pile behind them. The four friends jumped the fence and ran charging toward the nearest building as trees and mailboxes were incinerated by the laser beams flying past them. They ducked into an abandoned costume store, charged towards the back of the main room, and ducked through a maintenance-only door. 

There was a loud explosion as a hole was violently blown in the wall. They ran through a back door and out of the building, charging through an alleyway only to be met by more even more metal monsters than before. 

“The whole city’s overrun!” Jimmy shouted above the noise of the cannons. “Let’s  head to the weapon market over there!” 

“But it’s not legal for us to use guns!” Kate shouted as they ran into the shop, robots charging behind them. 

“Whether its legal or not, I don’t think we have a choice.” Jimmy replied, running into a room filled with guns and pulling one off the wall.

 “Here take this!” Peter said, thrusting a grenade launcher at Jimmy. 

He took it and started loading his gun from the ammo bin. Peter had brought his backpack. He pulled it off and started stuffing it with bullets. Tom had selected another machine gun and was loading it, while Kate sat and watched. Just as they finished there was a crashing noise and the building shook. Peter groaned “They’re here.”

The first robot they saw was instantly blasted to pieces by four machine guns. Kate had grabbed one. 

“Given in huh?” Peter said as another robot was viscously riddled with bullet holes. Kate tried to answer but she was interrupted by an explosion and went back to shooting.

“These weapons aren’t powerful enough!” Peter yelled. “We need something better!”  

“There’s an armory across town!” Tom yelled “It might be the only robot-free place in the city!” 

“Good idea!” Peter shouted “But we have to get out of here first!” 

The next few minutes were chaos with them trying to get out and the robots trying to stop them. Eventually they broke through and were halfway to the armory when they met more trouble. Drones. Tons of them were flying through the air like a huge cloud blocking out the sun.

“Well at least they don’t have guns,” Tom said hopefully.

 Instantly waves of bullets flew down at them, missing by inches. They ran towards the now-visible armory door dodging the rain of lead from above.

 “I really regret saying that,” said Tom firing his own ammo at the drones as he spoke.

  They reached the door, and after a few feeble jabs at the lock in the wall Jimmy decided to shoot it instead. The panel covering the wiring popped and with another shot the doors slid open. They ran in. Jimmy punched the “close” button and the doors slid shut. There was no one else in there.

 Peter looked around at the weapons mounted on the walls. 

“Well,” he said, “let’s get to work.”

Chapter 4

The next three days were spent working on gadgets, gizmos, and weapons. Thankfully Tom had been right, the armory had no robots in it and the heavily armored walls let them work in peace.                      

Finally they finished building and with a final flame from the welding torch, Peter dropped his work.

 “Well,” he said, “Let’s suit up.”

They each stepped into a different section of the base and emerged wearing thin, differently colored suits of armor. Peter’s was bright red with flame decals, Jimmy’s was silver, Kate’s was pink, and Tom’s was a ninja-like inky black. Each of the suits had attachment points on the arms and shoulders for weapons and they each had a light on the helmet right above the visor.

 “Well let’s get some weapons,” Peter said. He pointed at a large shelf near the far wall which was covered in small attachable guns that they had spent all of yesterday making. They ran over to the shelf and began arming themselves. Jimmy snapped two machine guns to the bottoms of his arms, two lasers to his wrists, and a rocket cannon to his shoulder. Tom took two machine guns and a laser. Kate took three lasers, but Peter took a large metal tank with a clear 

hose running from it and a machine gun. The hose from the tank was connected to a thin, long, metal cylinder with a handle, and rings around it which made it look like an alien radar gun . He put the tank on his back, grasped the handle, and snapped the machine gun on his shoulder. Once all the weapons were properly attached, Jimmy took them to the robot scanner he had built. It was covered in tiny green dots and the buildings and streets were marked with their names. 

“Ok this is what I was thinking,” Jimmy explained, “Look at this robot. It’s going around and around this block, and this one is going up and down this street. They’re all working together perfectly and they couldn’t do that without a leader. I bet the leader is the one that first got infected, the Flooranaitor. So if that’s the case then I bet their base is your house, Peter. That would explain the enormous amount of robots around it…”

 But Peter interrupted him “But if they’re at my house then where’s my family?”

 “I was just getting to that,” Jimmy said calmly. “Since we haven’t seen anybody else this whole time I’m assuming thev’e been captured and are being held here,” he said pointing at a store building a few blocks away from them. 

“So we break into it,” Tom said looking a little nervous.

 “That’s the idea,” Jimmy said. “If we’re going to get this to work we’re going to need some help.” 

 Chapter 5

Twenty minutes later they were in a helicopter above the old store building preparing to put their plan into action. 

“You did put hydraulics in the legs ,right?” Tom asked nervously. 

“Yes,” Peter said “And we’re gonna need ‘em.”  

“Ready?” Kate asked from the piloting seat at the front of the helicopter.

 “On the count of three one two three!” Tom, Peter, and Jimmy jumped out of the helicopter.

They rocketed toward the ground their arms spread out like sky divers.

“Ok” Jimmy said “remember after we get help we break into Peter’s house we get to the Flooranaitor and plug the counter virus into it. Got it?”

 “Yep”! Tom and Peter replied in unison.

 “Good,” Jimmy said “then let’s do this!” Their legs straightened out and they hurtled feet first at building below them. 

Now it was Peter’s turn to give the command 

“Three!” they were only fifty feet away, forty feet, “Two!” Now thirty, twenty, ten, feet away. “One!” They hit with a loud crashing noise and the whole building shook. Jimmy started burning a hole in the concrete roof with his lasers, while Peter and Tom covered him. The building had stopped shaking but now there were more noises: clanking, scraping noises of metal on concrete. The robots had heard them coming. 

“They’re coming” Tom said nervously. 

“I’m doing this as fast as I can!” Jimmy replied as his lasers burned through the roof. The first robot leaped onto the roof and Peter pulled the trigger on his radar gun. There was a bright flash and what looked like a bolt of lightning zigzaged through the air and ripped through the robot’s enormous shiny chest. It stood there for a few seconds then toppled backwards of the roof. Everything was quiet for a few seconds then more robots appeared clambering onto the roof.

 “You have a tesla gun!?” Tom said, blasting a robot to bits with his laser “How come…” He interrupted himself and focused all his energy on shooting as more shiny metal body’s swarmed onto the roof. 

“I got it!” Jimmy said as a small hole appeared in the roof

 “Tom!” Peter yelled “Go in and get help. We’ll hold them off as long as we can Go!” 

Tom jumped into the hole in the roof and into the mob below.

Tom hit the ground with a loud thump and looked around. There was a very large crowd around him staring at him with a half-scared half-confused look in their eyes. 

“Hi,” Tom said nervously looking around. There was a slightly awkward pause. 

Then someone shouted “Are you a robot?”

 “No I’m not a robot I’ve come to help fight them!” Tom said rather indignantly. “Actually, I’ve come to get help. We have a plan but we can’t do it alone, so who’s with me?” Nothing happened. “OK, that sounded a lot better in my head. Point is, we have weapons to fight the robots so who wants in?”

At least three hundred hands went up and there were several loud cheers. Tom touched the side of his helmet “Ok Kate,” he said into the com link inside his helmet, “bring in the supplies. We’re ready.”

Tom jumped up on the roof just as the helicopter came down through the clouds with an enormous crate hanging from it. He watched it for a few more seconds then ran to help Peter and Jimmy with the robots. They were swarming all over the roof now like huge metal bugs and the air around them was rippling with lasers. The three kids slowly pulled themselves apart into a large triangle as the helicopter neared the roof. The crate lowered into the hole and the helicopter landed on the roof as Peter ran to disconnect the cable. Just as the cable came loose there was a loud “Thoom!” There was a pause then it came again “Thoom!” Then a enormous shape appeared over a building five blocks away. 

There was a simultaneous groan from four unhappy throats “Oh No!”

Chapter 6

The monstrous robot stepped closer and closer. Jimmy backed away slowly, moving toward the opening in the roof.

 “We have to get everyone out of here now!” Jimmy said in a slightly frantic voice “Before it…” He trailed off, gazing at the robots enormous chest. It was starting to open and something that looked horribly like a missile was being pushed out. Jimmy finished his sentence “Before it does that.” 

Five seconds later all four children were down through the hole in the roof and frantically trying to evacuate the building. In 3 minutes flat, a small army was fleeing the warehouse heading towards Peter’s house.

I’m not gonna lie and say it was that easy. In fact it was hard for several reasons. The first was that only a few seconds after they left the building it exploded, throwing robot parts debris and even a few vehicles everywhere. The second reason was that Peter’s house wasn’t exactly close to them, and their path was still blocked by an army of angry robots. Yes they now had an army of their own, but this wasn’t going to be at all easy. If you want it to be easy you can skip the rest of the story and pretend that the only thing that slowed them down was a couple of passing butterflies. But I suggest you get the details and not pretend that the world is all cupcakes and rainbows. Anyway, back to the story.

The small army of makeshift soldiers made their way as quickly as they could towards Peter’s house. They met a surprisingly small amount of resistance which Tom pointed out.

 “Hey Peter” Tom wheezed as they ran, “are you sure we’re going in the right direction? We seem to be meeting fewer robots instead of more.” 

“Yes I’m sure” Peter gasped. “In fact my house should be right… here.” Peter turned the corner and stopped so abruptly that Tom almost ran into him. 

“Why on earth did you….” He trailed of as he saw what Peter was looking at, Peter’s house wasn’t there. 

Chapter 7

When I say Peter’s house isn’t there I don’t mean they were on the wrong street or something. I mean it wasn’t where it’s supposed to be. Where his house should have been,  there was only a gaping hole 10 or 15 feet deep as though someone had forcefully ripped it out of the ground. Peter and Tom just stood there staring at the wreckage before them, completely lost for words.

As they were standing there Jimmy ran up behind them “Hey guys.” he gasped out through clenched teeth. “You know that giant mech thing that tried to blow us up?” 

“Uh huh”  Tom mumbled distractedly.  

“It’s catching up.” 

Tom turned around. At first he didn’t see anything, then he gasped. It was the first time he’d  gotten a good look at the robot and the sight of it was astonishing. It was easily 300 feet tall, and looked like it was entirely made out of scrap metal, which it probably was. But what really caught his attention was its gargantuan head which was huge, metal plated, and was easily the size of a… 

He reached up to his helmet and pressed a small red button beside the visor activating binocular mode “Hey Peter!” Tom yelled behind him, “I found your house!”                                                                                                      Peter stood up and wiping tears from his eyes turned around “where?” Peter asked a sort of cold fury in his voice. 

“Up there” Tom said gesturing towards the giant automaton behind them.

Peter flipped his visor back down over his eyes and pressed the miniscule button behind it.His eyes swung slowly upward taking in the metal monstrosity. There was an uncomfortable silence as he stood and stared at the monstrous thing before him then his gaze reached the head. There perched on top of the ramshackle neck was Peter’s house. It had been covered with scrap metal and robot sentries to the point where it was barely recognizable, but it was definitely his house. Peter just stood there for a second then he slowly reached up to his helmet and twisted a dial on one side. Zooming in on the house ,he rotated the dial a few more times and zoomed in on an uncovered window. Someone or something was in there. He focused in on it. 

“It’s in there,” he breathed 

“What’s up there? Jimmy asked his own visor zoomed in on the house. 

“The Flooranaitor,” Peter said more loudly. “It’s piloting the mech!” He was almost shouting now in frenzied excitement. “We have to kill it somehow!” 

“Well how are we gonna do that?” Kate asked coming up beside him.

 Peter suddenly became serious as the weight of the situation dawned on him. “I don’t know,” he said rather solemnly, “but we need to find out fast.” 

 Chapter 8

Five minutes later, Peter, Tom, Jimmy, and Kate were all huddled around the kitchen table of a neighboring house that they had temporarily set up as a base. 

“So” Peter said rather despairingly “What are we supposed to do about that thing?” 

“Well,” Tom suggested. “Maybe first we should go over its strengths and weaknesses so we can figure out what would work best.” 

“We don’t have time!” Kate said anxiously “The mech will be in firing range any minute, we need a plan now!” Jimmy broke in,

“I don’t think any plan can do us any good against that thing. We don’t have the weaponry or the manpower to do anything here. I say we go back to the armory and set up a base there.” 

Kate interrupted him “Are you seriously suggesting we retreat?” She said rather indignantly. 

“Yes,” Jimmy replied calmly. “Does anyone have any better ideas?” He stared around defiantly, daring them to come up with one. Peter and Tom both shrugged and Kate let out a sigh 

“Fine,” she said, “I’ll go along but I still don’t like it.” 

“Good enough,” Jimmy said cheerily “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”  

Soon, they were on the move again. Thankfully for them they were much faster than the robot, and by the time the rather bedraggled army reached the armory, the giant mech was nowhere to be seen. The next hour was a blur of preparation. Tanks were armed, turrets were mounted, and everyone was readied for a battle to the death. Then everything was ready and there was a deathly anticipatory silence as the gigantic metal behemoth came into view. Everyone who could grabbed a pair of binoculars and watched as the gargantuan thing readied its weapons and prepared for battle. 

Then suddenly a loud metallic voice boomed all around them almost  deafening them

“SURRENDER IMMEDIATELY OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!” Peter had snatched up a megaphone and he sent his own cry back at it “We will never surrender to you,” Peter shouted. His voice was small next to the booming scream of the robot but what he lacked in volume he made up for in defiance.

“You heartless cold-oiled unfeeling metal beasts! You’ll never take over as long as I stand! Now who stands with me?” There was a loud applause as Peter laid down the microphone, but it was cut short as the robot’s voice rang out again 

“IF THEY WILL NOT FALL WHILE YOU STAND, THEN YOU SHALL STAND NO LONGER!” The mech’s arm raised bristling with weapons. There was a bright flash and the battle began.

Chapter 9

Peter stepped back into the building as the conflict began. The gigantic door on the base slid open and soldiers and tanks poured out as jets took off into the air launching bombs, rockets, and every piece of weaponry they had. Likewise two slightly smaller doors opened in the mech’s feet, flinging robots every which-way. The two armies met and there was a blinding flash and a noise so loud it almost ripped their heads apart. People and robots alike were thrown in every direction as the mech’s missile struck in between the two armies, flinging them away from each other. 

Kate had been watching from a turret and in between loosing laser bolts into the crowd she yelled into her comlink. “Peter we need something to fight this thing or we’ll never win!” Peter’s voice crackled through the comlink “Way ahead of ya.” 

There was a rumbling noise behind her and she turned around to see another huge mech launching into the air. It was smooth and rounded with camo patterned armor plating. It was only about a quarter the size of the flooranaitor’s mech but it appeared to have even more weaponry. 

“You built that in an hour?” Kate said incredulously

 “I work fast under pressure.” Peter replied calmly “Now watch this!”

He rocketed towards the giant mech, dodging this way and that to avoid being hit by the weapons the flooranaitor was firing at him. Then he suddenly swooped down toward the robot’s legs. Both of his mech’s massive hands folded back into the wrists, revealing the giant buzz saws underneath them. His arms swung out and sliced the robot’s left leg, crippling the knee. The giant robot’s leg buckled and it tipped over sideways, almost causing an earthquake as it hit the ground. 

There were cheers from the humans but they quickly died as the robot army surged forward and they had to fight for their lives again. Peter’s mech stood triumphantly above the fallen robot. But the triumph didn’t last long. The robot’s right arm reached up grabbed the flying mech, and flung it across the battlefield. It crashed into the base ripping through the heavily armored wall and disappearing into the darkness. The giant mech stood up and began to fire its weapons into the crowd below. 

“Woah” Jimmy muttered to himself battling off a robot as he spoke “That thing is indestructible.” Then he spoke into his comlink, “Peter…Peter! can you hear me?” 

Peter’s voice crackled through the comlink “yeah I can hear you but we need another plan. Tell Tom and Kate to meet me in the main room of the base. Maybe we can come up with something.” Jimmy changed the channel on his comlink and five minutes later they were once again discussing what to do. 

“Well” Tom said rather tentatively “maybe we could trip the robot like the 

AT-ATs in star wars?” 

Kate shut the idea down immediately. “That would never work. What we need to do is use brute force hit it with everything we have!” 

Jimmy broke in “No way! We should focus on the head. Chances are if we kill the pilot the whole thing will shut down!” 

This time Peter interrupted, “I don’t think we should do any of those ideas,” he said, “I think we should do them all at once! Call everyone back to the base I think I have a plan.

Chapter 10

Soon after, their army was gathered around the base ready to put their plan into action. On one side of the battlefield was the human army with Kate, Tom, Jimmy and Peter in front. On the other were at least a dozen rows of robots all of them at least two dozen robots long. The monstrous command bot was behind them, casting a shadow so long it seemed to blot out the sun. 

Peter turned around to face the small civilian army behind him. “You all know the plan?” Peter shouted to the crowd. There was a chorus of yeses. “Good!” he turned back around and faced the bots. Then he began to count down, raising his hand as he did –  “ 3-2-1”  he brought his hand down in one swift stroke “FIRE!” There was a earsplitting noise as every single gun, laser, tank, cannon and turret in his army fired at once. There was a tremendous whistling noise as the projectiles rocketed through the air, then a blinding flash was rapidly followed by a noise like the world was ending as the assorted missiles struck. Robots flew everywhere and some people were knocked to the ground when the shock wave hit. When it cleared, the robot was lying flat on its back knocked down by the explosion. 

Then Peter’s voice rang out again “Initiate phase two!” There was a low rumbling noise and several bomber jets flew past dropping bombs and eliminating the few robots that were left. 

Jimmy’s voice broke in “Charge!” and they did. They ran up to and onto the giant mech’s body, drilling it with bullets as they ran. 

 Peter led the charge into the house, leaping into the vertical building long before the others got close. He fell about five feet and crashed through the living room wall. He fell another yard or so and then he abruptly slammed into a large metal something. That something turned a single red eye toward him and he had to duck as it swung a metal blade past his head. 

“You,” Peter growled “You’re gonna pay! Peter raised his gun level with the robots armored head and emptied the magazine into its face. Its glowing eye riddled with bullet holes went dark. Peter let out a sigh of relief as he dragged the limp body out of the building. He held it up in the air triumphantly.

The air was suddenly filled with cheers exhausted Peter sat down. He let out a sigh of relief. The battle was over. They had won.


It was five years since they had demolished the robot army and life was going on as usual. Peter was inventing, Tom was messing around, Jimmy was still making up stories, and Kate was as stubborn as ever. The only thing that was different was the large concrete and metal structure in the middle of town where all the infected robots were imprisoned. No matter how hard they tried no one was able to remove the virus. So it had been decided that they would be put there. The prison served as a kind of monument to that day when the four of them had saved the town. 

Inside the structure was silent except for a loud scraping noise of metal on concrete as the Flooranaitor dragged itself across the ground, its eye burning blood red. 

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